Happy news

My daughter and her boyfriend arrived here a few weeks ago from Dubai. Never haven met him before I was quite nervous but ended up really, really liking him. She's so sensible that I should never have doubted her choice. The day before yesterday he asked our permission to marry her...wow...blew me away...didn't think that happened anymore! Permission granted, he proposed, she accepted. The ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! The big questions now are: where will the wedding take place, in Jordan (where he was born and his parents still live), Dubai (where they both live), in Ontario (where most of her friends live) or in BC where only her immediate family lives; and when? Any place they choose is okay with me.


They have both said they would like to come back to BC to live but so much depends on finding jobs that can even somewhat compete with what they can earn in Dubai. Who knows, they also love Thailand so that's also a possibility.


Anyway, they just left to catch their flight so I can hopefully get back on track. My reading came to an absolute standstill but I vow to make up for lost time...so many books sitting there waiting.