Also Stealing Grim's idea

Can't top the lists of things others have going for them but will let you in on a bit more about me.


1) I used to show and breed Arabian horses. Had a ton of fun, spent a fortune (or at least almost my whole paycheque on them. At one time I had 15 horses which kept me super busy and really broke. Fashion? What's fashion?


2) I used to have a huge garden and preserved enough to keep a family of 4 in veggies all winter. Was still recovering financially from the horses!


3) Love dogs and cats and have had several over the years. My favorites being "Sam" a Samoyd, "Mojo" a Bichon, and "Molly" a Great Dane that stood 35" at the shoulder.


4) Used to umpire little league softball. Was voted worst umpire of all time so left for other pursuits. Okay, so there wasn't an actual vote, but I was terrible!!!!


5) I've lived for several years in Belize, Mexico, and in the United States.


6) Like Grim, I am also seriously frightened of heights.


7) I could survive solely on berries and potatoes.


8) Hate the a huge sun worshiper.


 9) Love to read but hate writing reviews.


10) Love good conversation but much prefer to spend my time reading.


That's about all folks!