At Last I found It

A Dream of Red Mansions - Cao Xueqin, Yang Xianyi, Gladys Yang

For two years now I've been looking for a copy of The Dream of The Red Chamber and while browsing through the gift store at The Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver I actually found two different editions, the first by an American publisher and the other published in China, which is the one I purchased. It is amazing with its sewn binding, synopsis after each chapter along with illustrations and individual biography of the principal characters in the chapter. It was worth the price for the illustrations alone. The book comes in a beautiful box for safe keeping and display on your shelf or table. Wow, what a perfect ending for a perfect day! As an added bonus I get an upper body work out just holding it...weighs a ton and that's out of the box.


Booklikes, LibraryThing nor Goodreads has this edition in their database (ISBN: 978192178906), so will have to just use this cover. This is going to turn my reading plans on its too wonderful to ignore.