The Calling

The Calling (Mae Martin Mysteries, #1) - Amber Foxx
The Calling
By: Amber Foxx
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Series: Mae Martin Mystery #1
Genre: Psychic mystery
Published December 2nd 2013
Format Read: E-book
Source: Booklikes Author Giveaway
Pages: 436

I received The Calling as a Booklikes Author Giveaway with no obligation to review it, but with the hope that I would read and write an honest review of the book upon completion.

The description looked so interesting that although this is not a genre I was very familiar with, I thought it an excellent place to broaden my horizons and take me into the world of psychic mysteries. Much to my surprise and delight I was a lucky winner!


Mae Martin, our narrator, is attempting to understand and develop her psychic ability to help people while still retaining her moral integrity. It is about her personal growth as she gains financial independence, confidence in herself as a person and in her abilities, and the changing relationships within her family.


On the day thirteen-year old Mae moved across the country with her mother she discovered that she had the ability to find her beloved cat that had escaped from their new home. She is delighted to have her cat back but confused as to how she could possibly know exactly where the frightened cat was and how to navigate herself there to rescue it, particularly as this was a town she'd never been in before that day. Happily Mae returns home with her cat and she relates how she found it to her mother only to be met with her mother's hostility and horror, who told her it was the devil's work and made her promise not to use "the sight" again. Now frightened, Mae abandons "the sight" until many years later when on one very cold night events force her to once again use it.  Her husband, Hubert, and his parents refuse to believe that anything other than coincidence was responsible for Mae knowing the missing person's whereabouts but she is determined to prove to them that her gift is real.


While car pooling to the University in Virginia for night classes Mae relates to her friend, Patsy, what has happened on the two occasions. Patsy is delighted and during a class on alternative medicines mentions that she has a psychic friend. Patsy's professor, asks for a personal item from each student then invites Mae into the classroom to identify who the item belongs to. Mae not only identifies the student, she tells her personal information she would have no way of knowing without "the sight". This first real acceptance of her gift leads Mae to meet others with gifts of their own as well as people wanting her help.  


Mae also learns that she is able to find illnesses in people and even in cases cure them.  As her sight develops and strengthens she finds herself at odds with Hubert who now believes in Mae's ability but sees this ability as intrusive and threatening.  Is using this gift of sight to help people any better than spying on them. What limits must she place upon herself? Hubert and his parents are supportive of Mae as a person yet frightened of and against her using this gift. Learning more about The Calling, Mae stands the chance of gaining knowledge but losing her husband and the step daughters she loves so dearly.


The author introduced some fascinatingly complex characters. Mae who is determined to break away from her mother's influence and yet is tormented about the reason why her much loved father was taken from her life. She is striving to reach the full potential of her gift yet afraid to lose the family she cares so much about. Bernadette, a native American who teaches herbal and tribal medicine, so strong yet plagued with her own demons. Charlie Tann, the chair of the department and the charismatic teacher with powers of his own. I wanted to hate Mae's mother but found she had her own problems to deal with, ones that helped to explain her "closed mind".  I also wanted to learn more about Malba Cherry, a voodoo woman who goes by the professional name of "Breda". Could their rivalry turn into friendship or did Breda put a curse on Mae?


Right from the beginning, Foxx grabbed my attention and kept my interest throughout. I wanted to see how Mae progressed with her gifts, how and if she was able to reconcile using her sight with the privacy of others. The Calling is the first of a series that reads very well as a stand-alone...but I think you'll want to to continue on with Mae's journey of self discovery. I'm so glad that I read this book and know its opened up another genre for me to further explore. A very good read that I really enjoyed.  Rating this book is extremely difficult for me as I have little of this genre to compare it with. Highly recommend it to readers who enjoy more than the clichéd paranormal novels that are found everywhere...this is not one of them and it won't disappoint.


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