Off Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

Thank you for this excellent explanation of the current outrage felt toward GR's new censorship of reviews and shelves. IMHO, it was a logical, fair and easy to understand history of the disagreement that has resulted in an exodus to other reader sites such as Booklikes.

While the books I generally read, shelves I use, and reviews I write are not ones that would fall prey to GRs censorship, I find it dismaying that other readers have fallen victim of this practice of "political correctness" that is all too prevalent in today's society. One is permitted free speech only if their opinions agree with the accepted 'group think' of the powers that be. It is so much easier to censor or shout out speakers, to render them speechless, than to articulate a reasoned debate on the subject. 

To all the unpaid librarians who labored so hard for all readers, I'd like to say a belated thank you.

For members who have not been following the "revolt" or are new to GRs, this book is highly recommended!


To download pdf book and get further information please click on the link provided.