Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions - Kurt Vonnegut

 I’m afraid that I just didn’t love this book on the whole as much as I wanted to. While there indeed was humorous satire, I found a great deal that was just plain nonsense but some of that nonsense did ring true.


The book touches upon a broad range of subjects and even includes child-like drawings to illustrate some of his points. His obsession in the book with the length and width of a man’s genitalia was a bit overdone, to the point that I wanted to throw up my hands and yell “alright already I get it, the average length is 7″, do you feel more adequate now, can we just move on”.


One part of the book that I really did enjoy though was a comment made to an artist who was invited to receive an award for the painting he had just sold to the city for some outrageous price, “we don’t think much of your painting. I’ve seen better pictures done by a five-year old.” The painting being discussed was a canvas painted green with one yellow stripe down it.


Perhaps after reading Cat’s Cradle I just started this book expecting too much from it. I did enjoy it and if you want an easy-to-read, humorous book then this might be perfect for you.