The Likeness

The Likeness  - Tana French

This is the second book in the Dublin Murder Squad series and features Cassie Maddox who prior to joining the Murder Squad was an undercover agent. The carefully crafted identity she used during her last assignment, which ended when she was stabbed by the drug dealer she was investigating, was that of Lexie Madison.


Now working in Domestic Violence, Cassie is surprised when she is called in to attend the murder scene of a young woman who was found stabbed and left to die in a remote deserted cottage. The young murdered woman is carrying papers identifying her as Lexie Madison and is the spitting image of Cassie. Cassie’s former undercover boss immediately sees the opportunity of using Cassie to investigate the murder of her double and to find out how she happened to have the identification of a totally fictitious person. Stepping back into her undercover role Cassie now is sent into the house Lexie shared with four very close friends to find out who murdered her. The police hide the murder and claim Lexie was not murdered but only in a coma and now suffering from short term amnesia not allowing her to remember events leading up to and ending with her stabbing. 

Yes, the entire premise is implausible, defies reality and is fraught with more pitfalls than can be outlined, but the book still works, it keeps your interest until the end, mainly because the characters are so vividly portrayed that you feel you know them, like them, and want to keep on to find out the outcome. If you enjoy a good whodunit you will probably enjoy this book.


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