Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

On their 5th wedding anniversary Amy disappears and a cloud of suspicion falls over her husband, Nick. To all appearances, this is the fairy tale marriage of two smart, good looking prosperous people...now we learn the truth behind the public perception. We are told the story from Nick’s perspective as the search for her progresses, as well as Amy’s, using the diary she has maintained covering the last seven years of their relationship. The tension builds as clues are uncovered, all pointing to the guilt of Nick for killing his wife and disposing of her body. The media catches on to the case and in doing what they do best, they turn the country against him in a flurry of media circus commentary and interviews. As each new clue is brought to light the suspense quickens...what happened to Amy? Where is her body? Who was responsible for her disappearance? Is Nick guilty?

The author wrote a superb suspense novel and I loved it. As she brought out more and more information of the parties involved, we learned what they appeared by others to be and also from their own words, what they thought themselves to be. They were no longer just characters in a book but people we could relate to, empathize with, take sides with, and really care about. It mattered to me what happened to them and I eagerly read on to find answers to these questions.

I figured out what happened fairly early in the book and then it was just a matter of seeing if I was right...I was...but not entirely...and that made all the difference!!! If you enjoy reading good mystery/suspense books then you’ll really enjoy this one. I highly recommend.


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