The 13 Clocks

The 13 Clocks - James Thurber, Marc Simont, Neil Gaiman

This was a wonderful, farcical Children's fairy tale that I would never have come across had it not been on Boxall's 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list. Reading this book reminded me of when I happily read Dr. Seuss to my children, not really knowing who loved the books more, who giggled the most, who said "again", just glowing in that feel good emotion that only sharing the best children's books with them brought out in me. How we missed this one is beyond me, I feel as though I've short-changed them.

I'm not exactly sure why the book was on this particular list, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and will doubtless read it again. As an added bonus, this edition came with an introduction by Neil Gaiman, which is a treat in itself.

To rate it is difficult, what do I compare it to, other children's books, most of which I've forgotten, or just on its own? I guess I'll go with a combination of the two and hope I don't lead anyone astray.


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