Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell

Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell - M.C. Beaton

I just love Agatha Raisin, the protagonist in this series. She's pushing middle-age, shortish, stocky, the total opposite of politically correct, independent, a highly successful retired public relations agent, brash, pushy but with terrific hair and legs. Agatha loves a good mystery and just can't help herself, she has to solve the case, to find that murderer. Her main problem is that she's absolutely besotted with her uptight, stuffed shirt next door neighbor, James Lacey, and is ruthless in her pursuit of him.

In this book we find that Agatha's dreams have come true and she and James finally married, but then she asks herself, why is she so unhappy? Marriage isn't supposed to be an early introduction to hell but this one appears to be. When James disappears leaving behind evidence of injury and a struggle as well as a murdered mistress, Agatha, along with her friend Sir Charles, springs into action to clear James' name and find not only the real murderer but also the whereabouts of James himself.

I really enjoyed this cozy mystery, there were moments when I just couldn't stop chuckling as Agatha found herself in one scrape after the other...and losing her dignity a little more each time as the clues are unearthed.


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