About Me


There are two reasons that I decided to start a blog,  first, to keep me occupied, out of trouble and off the streets and the second, my memory just isn’t all that it could be…no…age has nothing to do with it!!! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I’ve noticed that my memory of why I liked a particular book, what made a book special, and even what that book was about were fading as time passed. I’ve read thousands of books and over the years they seem to meld together or to go completely out of my memory. Hopefully, this journal will help to keep those books alive.


My true love is for literary fiction yet I’ll enjoy a good mystery, thriller, non-fiction, science fiction, young adult or fantasy where I can simply lose myself between those pages. What I present here is my honest reaction to a book, not a serious critical review that analyzes a book to death. I fully realize that the timing of the read is also important, what I dislike today I might love tomorrow and vice versa so you probably won’t find a seriously negative review on my site.


I try to rate according to genre (not always successfully). What my Ratings mean to me:

5* Outstanding in all ways
4* Above average and/or I loved it
3* Liked it but didn't love it
2* Had merit but it wasn't for me at this time
1* Loathed it, merit or no, and would never recommend


Like so many other members, I migrated here shortly after Amazon bought GRs and the fighting between authors, reviewers and GR began. My reading preferences tend towards literature and away from the mass market fan fiction so that I was never personally impacted by the changes  nor were most of my friends. One would have to wear blinders though to totally escape the poisonous atmosphere left in its wake that took all joy from the GR site from me. I continue a presence on GR and most likely will until the Booklikes book catalog can cover my requirements but Booklikes now feels like home.